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Growing Together in Love

A relationship based in mutual growth is a wonderful adventure of discovery.

Do You Avoid Your Emotions?

By Isha Judd Emotions are a natural part of human life. If we are working towards a healthy relationship with ourselves, it is essential that we learn to embrace them. Most of us from an early age have learnt that certain emotions are “bad” or inappropriate: maybe we were told not to cry, or never to get angry. But by denying these feelings, we don’t rid ourselves of them: when an emotion is ignored, it stagnates with us, building up and contributing to the accumulated charge of repressed feelings. With time, these emotions become distorted: anger becomes hatred or resentment, eventually exploding in fits of rage and violence; sadness becomes depression. We only need look at a child to see how

The Wisdom of the World: The Dikes of the Netherlands

By Isha Judd I have spent the last month traveling through Europe on my first tour of the continent. The journey has been a wonderful experience of the contrasts of duality: different cultures, different languages, idiosyncrasies and customs. Holland was fascinating: with whole areas reclaimed from the sea, the country itself is a triumph of human ingenuity. The techniques employed by the Dutch engineers to tame the ocean were remarkable. The dikes that hold back the water are built from sand. The engineers understood that the sea was too powerful a force to fight against, so instead of trying to block it out, they allowed it to seep through the dikes. When it had done so, the water had become sweet. This struck me

Thinking Outside the Box

By Isha Judd Are you a rigidly structured person? Do you feel trapped within your own ideas, as if you were in a box? If so, the big question is, are you ready to change? Just becoming aware of this rigidity within yourself is a very good thing; until you are aware of something, you cannot make a conscious decision to change it. When you do realize what is going on, you can start to do the opposite: if your rigidity has reached the point of causing you high levels of stress, if the slightest deviation from your expectations of how things should look brings you great anxiety, it is time to start knocking down the walls of your opinions. This doesn't have to be an uncomfortable process -- ultimately it is incredibly freeing --

Are You Attached to Your Image?

By Isha Judd As adults, we have so much fear of losing approval. We pretend all the time in order to be accepted by others, creating a false image that we present to the world, hiding our true feelings behind a rigid mask. But when we do this, we are abandoning ourselves. Other people’s approval is a weak and changeable alternative to self love. It will never be enough to fully satisfy us, for if we have to modify ourselves in order to be loved, how can we ever feel comfortable in our own skin? On the journey back to love of self, speaking the truth and showing yourself as you really are are essential. This is scary at first: as we start to expose the parts of ourselves we have learnt to judge, the fear of rejection is unavoidable.

Finding True Freedom

By Isha Judd Have you ever got to a point in your life where you felt you had everything, yet there was still something missing? In my twenties, my external success should have been enough, yet I wasn’t happy. The things I had accumulated, my social status and professional achievements, all seemed too fragile, too empty, to be all there was. I thirsted for something more, but that something was intangible. Freedom, Love. They just sounded like words from a hippie fest, and I didn’t know how to go about experiencing them. The common perception of freedom seems trite when true freedom has been tasted. We think freedom is being allowed to do what we want and go where we choose. Yet this definition of freedom

Six Ways to a More Spiritual Life

By Isha Judd Want to find more spirituality in your life but not sure how? Spirituality is not about what you're doing; it's about what you're being. You can find inner peace and greater awareness in the middle of Manhattan, just as you can be stressed out and worried while walking on a paradise beach. Here are some tips on getting more connected without abandoning your daily routine. 1. Live in the moment This is one we have all heard of, but how often do we manage to actually do it? Talking about being in the moment is not the same as being in the moment. The great thing about it, is there is only one time when you can actually decide to do it, and that is right now! It's a simple choice. The choice to become intensely aware of what

Haiti: The Spiritual Lessons to be Learned

By Isha Judd With the news of the Haitian disaster comes a profound sense of vulnerability. When faced with catastrophes of this scale, we are left feeling exposed, without answers, the explicit images shown in the media reminding us how transitory everything is in life, how the material security we strive so hard to achieve can disappear in an instant. These harsh shocks remind us that we cannot control even the most significant things in our lives, even that which appears to be the most secure can be gone in a flash. When we seek external security, we are seeking stability within that which always changes; this is why we need so many guarantees, but no guarantee is absolute in this world. Life is a succession of moments,

The Spirituality of Dogs

By Isha Judd I admit it. I’m hopelessly in love. The first time I laid eyes on her in a pet shop in Chile, Elizabeth, my bulldog puppy, stole my heart. She looked forlorn and desperately bored; the poor thing had been caged up in the store for four months; no-one would buy her because she was so small for her age. I was shocked to hear she had been living like that for so long, and although I was not planning on getting another dog (I already had seven!) it was impossible for me to resist. Elizabeth is a wonderful example of surrender to life. She embraces her reality completely, as all dogs do. They don’t sit there wondering if their lives could be different; they have an innate ability to enjoy life without questioning.

New Year, New Choices

By Isha Judd What choices will you make in 2010? One thing is for sure: if we keep doing the same things, we will continue getting the same results. This year, I propose we make the ultimate resolution: a resolution that in reality we all need to make. Beyond the diets, the exercise routines and the half-hearted attempts to give up our bad habits, I propose a deeper decision: an internal choice, a shift in our consciousness that will transform our perception of reality. This new years resolution is a resolution to make in each moment, to make choices that are not hampered by the subconscious habits of the past. This resolution should be to choose to become more love, more of our true essence; that peace, that joy, that innocence.

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